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NSW Virtual STEM Academy

The NSW Virtual STEM Academy is designed to provide students in Years 5 - 10 with online access to STEM enrichment and extension programs through an innovative virtual platform. It aims to inspire a passion and aspiration for STEM through innovative, enriching opportunities and transformational partnerships.

The Academy aims to provide equal access to STEM learning through enhanced opportunities for under-represented and disadvantaged students in regional, rural and remote areas across Australia.

It also helps to build STEM teacher capabilities through innovative technologies and the sharing of best practices and innovation in virtual learning pedagogies.

Murrumbidgee Regional High School

The NSW Virtual STEM Academy is based at Murrumbidgee Regional High School as part of the Murrumbidgee Academy of STEM Excellence. The school has supported the project through equipment grants and allocation of learning spaces during their 2020 facilities upgrade and underwritten the continuation of the Virtual STEM Academy into the future.

The NSW Virtual STEM Academy will support schools in regional, rural, and remote areas of NSW. Additional delivery sites will also be considered in the future based on funding. 


NSW Virtual STEM Academy - Introductory Video

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