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SISP Program

The SISP program

The STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) is an initiative of the NSW Department of Education’s Educational Standards Directorate, delivered in association with leading Australian companies, universities, government agencies and industry associations, which aims to: 

  • improve the quality and quantity of STEM instruction in NSW public schools

  • enhance teacher confidence, capacity and leadership to develop and deliver integrated and cross-curricula STEM educational programs from P – 12

  • increase student STEM ability, engagement, participation and aspiration, with a focus on Aboriginal students, female students and students from low socio-economic backgrounds

  • facilitate greater student access to a range of high-quality STEM curriculum that enhances opportunities for transition to further education and employment

  • develop effective and sustainable school-industry and other partnerships

  • work collaboratively with key partners to provide real-world STEM educational opportunities for students

  • strengthen regional communities by developing STEM skills that enhance local competitive advantages

  • raise awareness of possible current and future career opportunities and knowledge of STEM industry pathways for students, parents, and members of the wider community.

Through the colloboration of education with leading Australian companies, universities, government agencies and industry, the SISP program provides an educational model that engages students, inspires them to study STEM and prepares them for STEM careers.

Regional focus with global outlook

We look to global best practice for benchmarks, and we apply and improve on them using a coordinated approach at the local level, to increase STEM educational capabilities in regional NSW.

Innovative and agile

We are trail blazers. We are open to new and different paths to achieving our objectives. We don’t let obstacles halt us - we find alternate paths in order to take advantage of every opportunity.

Bird’s-eye view

While we are bullseye focused on the job at hand, we remain informed and thoughtful about the broader issues to ensure contextual and future-focused action is employed.


We actively and flexibly collaborate and cooperate with schools, industry, partners, government, and all other stakeholders to deliver our programs. 


We inspire young people through our passion and expertise. We build the confidence of regional educators to deliver STEM programs. We provide thought-leadership in the STEM education space through sharing our expertise and insights with the world around us.


We aim to inspire and educate the next generation of STEM innovators for future-focused industries and industries that may not even exist yet, by challenging them to solve real problems with innovative solutions.

For educators

SISP is delivered in partnership with Academies of STEM Excellence in regional NSW to deliver programs and professional learning opportunities for educators.

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For industry

SISP partners industry with schools to facilitate the integration of contextualised, job-specific STEM learning activities in the school curriculum.

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For partners

The SISP team is fortunate to collaborate with many organisations and individuals who act as contributors to and ambassadors of the program.

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For more information about the SISP program, please contact

Dr Scott Sleap 
Project Lead