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Academies of STEM Excellence

The STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) program has established Academies of STEM Excellence in eleven regional locations around NSW. 

Academies of STEM Excellence are learning communities usually consisting of a hub secondary school working collaboratively with their partner primary schools and other local department schools. They aim to improve STEM knowledge within the community, engage teachers in future-focused learning and teaching, and inspire students to develop a passion for STEM.

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Academies of STEM Excellence

Feature of Academies of STEM Excellence 

Typically, Academies of STEM Excellence has the following features:

STEM Project Officers 

Each Academy has a full or part-time STEM Project Officer who coordinates the local implementation of SISP program initiatives and to support surrounding schools.

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Academy of STEM Excellence Advisory Groups

A number of academies have established advisory groups which provide advice on the local implementation of the program and help prepare a local academy strategic plan. 

Local industry partnerships 

Academies of STEM Excellence through their STEM Project Officer coordinate local STEM industry projects and events. These partnerships assist schools with academy activities, including excursions, incursions, mentoring, curriculum resource development, events and competitions. 

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STEM curriculum development 

Curriculum development is based on integrated approaches to STEM from K-10, STEM and engineering design processes, and the building of a continuum of STEM learning. 

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STEM curriculum implementation 

Academies of STEM Excellence implement STEM curricula within their local school communities. The implementation of integrated STEM programs, whilst not compulsory, is highly recommended. Support for the development of cross-curriculum STEM programs in all Key Learning Areas is also a feature of the program.  

STEM community of practice 

Each academy is a centre of STEM engagement, enrichment, outreach, and professional learning within their local area. Most Academies of STEM Excellence will work with their local learning communities using a hub and spoke model of delivery with the secondary school at the centre and the partner primary schools making up the spokes.