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What is the STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) Program?

The STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) program is an initiative of the NSW Department of Education’s Curriculum and Reform Directorate.

Through the collaboration of education with leading Australian companies, universities, government agencies and industry, the STEM Industry School Partnerships program provides an educational model that engages students, inspires them to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and prepares them for STEM enabled careers. The program aims to improve teacher confidence and their capacity to deliver integrated and cross-curricula STEM education programs in rural, remote, and regional NSW.

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SISP Program Statistics (2018-2023)

SISP Program Ambassadors

Adam Spencer

TV and radio presenter, author, comedian and self-confessed maths geek, Adam Spencer has been affiliated with the SISP program since its early days, and regularly supports our various initiatives as a SISP Ambassador.

“STEM education is critically important for developing Australia’s future workforce. It is crucial that students learn to apply their knowledge and understandings, enquire into their world and learn to solve complex, authentic problems in real-world scenarios. But this is an immense challenge for STEM educators. The SISP program aims to solve this challenge by equipping teachers with the tools they need to provide education for our rapidly changing world.”

   -   Adam Spencer - SISP Ambassador


Assoc. Prof Dr Catherine Ball

A scientific futurist, speaker, advisor, author, founder, executive producer, executive director, and company director, Catherine works across global projects where emerging technologies meet humanitarian, education and environmental needs.

“These kinds of project-led learning examples are great ways to show kids why they should care about maths, why they should care about technology, why they should care about how to engineer the present and the future, and also why they need to understand how to think scientifically.”

   -   Assoc. Professor Catherine Ball 

Corey Tutt

As a proud Kamilaroi man, Corey established Deadly Science which provides science resources and books to remote schools and communities across Australia. In 2020 Corey was awarded the NSW Young Australian of the Year.

“Corey is an incredibly energetic young man, who is channelling his enthusiasm for science in a really constructive way. It’s efforts like Corey’s that can make a real change, building interest in STEM subjects among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across the country.”

   -   Professor Brian Cox.

"With a belief that education is freedom and science is hope, Corey’s mission is to enhance the lives of young Aboriginal children by giving them access to the wonders of STEM."

   -   Corey Tutt - SISP Program Ambassador

Colloboration with the Global NSW Strategy

The future prosperity of our people begins with education. NSW will require both digital skills and core skills needed in every workplace, such as problem-solving, creativity and collaboration, to thrive into the future. The STEM Industry School Partnerships program is collaborating with Investment NSW to support the STEM workforce development goals of the Global NSW strategy.

Interview with Adam Spencer - Global NSW Ingrid Marsh

STEM Industry Partnerships (SISP) program ambassador Adam Spencer talks with Ingrid Marsh, Director of Jobs and Industry Development for Investment NSW. 

In this far reaching interview, completed for the STEM 2020 On Demand conference, Ingrid explains to Adam all about the Global NSW strategy, its importance to STEM Education and the broader Australian economy. 

Ingrid discusses the NSW priority industries including, Advancing Manufacturing, Defence, Emerging Digital Technology, Cyber, Medtech, Space and Food and Beverage. 

The SISP program is working closely with Investing NSW to help delivery the workforce development initiatives that underpin the Global NSW strategy with emphasis on the priority industries discussed above. 

SISP program initiatives

STEM Industry School Partnerships 2019 Pilot - Teaser Video


In 2019 the STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) program was successfully piloted in three regional areas of NSW, Cessnock, Crookwell and Orange. 

This teaser video presentation highlights the impact that the SISP program had on these communities and how working with Industry helps engage students with STEM. 

Three STEM Industry School Partnerships students explain why the program has had such a big influence on them and why they like STEM!

To view the extended version of the video visit About.

Meet Our Team

The multi award winning STEM Industry School Partnerships  team is made up of highly professional Department of Education specialist staff. The team is lead out of Curriculum Secondary Learners in the Currciulum and Reform Directorate. Much of the leadership team is based in regional NSW with the head office in Parramatta. Our 12 STEM Project Officers are STEM educational leaders based in regional NSW.

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