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What is the STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) Program?

The STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) program is an initiative of the NSW Department of Education’s Educational Standards Directorate.

Through the collaboration of education with leading Australian companies, universities, government agencies and industry, the STEM Industry School Partnerships program provides an educational model that engages students, inspires them to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and prepares them for STEM enabled careers. The program aims to improve teacher confidence and their capacity to deliver integrated and cross-curricula STEM education programs in rural, remote, and regional NSW.

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SISP Program Statistics (2018-2020)

Program Ambassador - Adam Spencer

TV and radio presenter, author, comedian and self-confessed maths geek, Adam Spencer has been affiliated with the SISP program since its early days, and regularly supports our various initiatives as a SISP Ambassador.



“STEM education is critically important for developing Australia’s future workforce. It is crucial that students learn to apply their knowledge and understandings, enquire into their world and learn to solve complex, authentic problems in real-world scenarios. But this is an immense challenge for STEM educators. The SISP program aims to solve this challenge by equipping teachers with the tools they need to provide education for our rapidly changing world.”

Adam Spencer - SISP Ambassador


Program Ambassador - Corey Tutt

As a proud Kamilaroi man, corey established Deadly Science which provides science resources and books to remote schools and communities across Australia. In 2020 Corey was awarded the NSW Young Australian of the Year.




“Corey is an incredibly energetic young man, who is channelling his enthusiasm for science in a really constructive way. It’s efforts like Corey’s that can make a real change, building interest in STEM subjects among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across the country.”

Professor Brian Cox.

"With a belief that education is freedom and science is hope, Corey’s mission is to enhance the lives of young Aboriginal children by giving them access to the wonders of STEM."

Corey Tutt - SISP Program Ambassador

Colloboration with the Global NSW Strategy

The future prosperity of our people begins with education. NSW will require both digital skills and core skills needed in every workplace, such as problem-solving, creativity and collaboration, to thrive into the future. The STEM Industry School Partnerships program is collaborating with Investment NSW to support the STEM workforce development goals of the Global NSW strategy.

Interview with Adam Spencer - Global NSW Ingrid Marsh

STEM Industry Partnerships (SISP) program ambassador Adam Spencer talks with Ingrid Marsh, Director of Jobs and Industry Development for Investment NSW. 

In this far reaching interview, completed for the STEM 2020 On Demand conference, Ingrid explains to Adam all about the Global NSW strategy, its importance to STEM Education and the broader Australian economy. 

Ingrid discusses the NSW priority industries including, Advancing Manufacturing, Defence, Emerging Digital Technology, Cyber, Medtech, Space and Food and Beverage. 

The SISP program is working closely with Investing NSW to help delivery the workforce development initiatives that underpin the Global NSW strategy with emphasis on the priority industries discussed above. 

SISP program initiatives

Importance of STEM Education - Minister for Education and Early Childhood Sarah Mitchell 

NSW Minister for Education and Early Childhood, Hon Sarah Mitchell MLC, talks about why STEM education is so important for NSW schools.

'As technology is evolving as it is for students, I think STEM is a subject area we should have our children embracing' 

The STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) program was developed in direct response to the Council of Australia Governments (COAG) Education Council’s release of the National STEM School Education Strategy 2016 – 2026. 

The SISP program closely aligns with the strategy which aims to equip young people with STEM skills and knowledge by; increasing student STEM ability, engagement, participation and aspiration, facilitating effective partnerships with tertiary education providers, business and industry; and supporting STEM education opportunities within school systems.  

STEM Industry School Partnerships 2019 Pilot - Teaser Video


In 2019 the STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) program was successfully piloted in three regional areas of NSW, Cessnock, Crookwell and Orange. 

This teaser video presentation highlights the impact that the SISP program had on these communities and how working with Industry helps engage students with STEM. 

Three STEM Industry School Partnerships students explain why the program has had such a big influence on them and why they like STEM!

To view the extended version of the video visit About.

Meet Our Team

The multi award winning STEM Industry School Partnerships  team is made up of highly professional Department of Education specialist staff. The team is lead out of Curriculum Secondary Learners in the Educational Standards Directorate. Much of the leadership team is based in regional NSW with the head office in Parramatta. Our 11 STEM Project Officers are STEM educational leaders based in regiopnal NSW.

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Upcoming events




STEM 2021 ON DEMAND: Strategies for a rapidly changing world


19 April-31 December


All day

Online, On Demand Event

A unique, online, on demand event bringing Australian educators and STEM professionals TED-style talks from world-renowned experts on creativity, innovation and STEM. The best part? It’s FREE! | Launching Monday 19 April 2021 The on demand content will include keynote presentations, workshops, live Q&A sessions, a virtual expo and a whole lot more! This event is ideal for teachers, students, parents, professionals and STEM enthusiasts alike. Join the discussion and be inspired. Registrations are now open! Register now for FREE and be the first to know as new presenters are added to the lineup, sponsors’ offers and more.






10 August


All day

Parliament House

Given the important role of Science Education in the public discourse, the Science Teachers Association for NSW wants to celebrate and showcase some exemplary examples of science education initiatives with policy makers. The Science Teachers Association for NSW has teamed up with the Minister for Education and the Shadow Minister for Education to create an opportunity for Members of the NSW Parliament to come together on the cusp of National Science Week to recognise the great work being done by Science Teachers and Educators in this state. Science Education Initiatives will be invited to join us in an Expo style event to be held at Parliament House on Tuesday August 10. This event kicks off 7 days of celebration as part of 7 Decades in 7 Days, a week-long celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Science Teachers Association for NSW in and around National Science Week. The resources shared in this article are for your interest only. Inclusion of resources or links to external websites does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of any resources, their providers or any material on those websites.




COSPAR-K: A Space STEM Event


11-15 August


All day

ICC Sydney

The SISP Program will take a lead role in the COSPAR-K program which will coincide with an international scientific assembly, COSPAR-2021-Hybrid and is the dedicated STEM Park hence the name COS(+)PAR-K was born. COSPAR-K will feature two hero zones: our Awesome Activities Arena and Spectacular Speakers Schedule. SISP-led events will include a plants in space showcase, model bottle rocket designing and testing, mars rover robotics simulations and a mars rover challenge. The SISP team will look to involve STEM students across NSW who are currently working on robotics programs at school through the iSTEM curriculum to showcase at this event. “I am so proud of the SISP team who have worked over the years to position our program among the world’s best in delivering engaging and exciting STEM education in schools. To have the COSPAR take notice and ask SISP to contribute to the COSPAR-K space science event in such a way is a real honour,” said Dr Sleap. “I’m particularly happy that the COSPAR organisers have asked the Department of Education to take the lead in providing equitable access to all students via the COSPAR-K TV Channel. “COSPAR-K TV will live-stream numerous events and videos and host interactive Q&A and interview sessions across the full program. “This is a great opportunity for SISP to provide our rural, regional and remote students with the same rare and exciting experience to not only access but also participate in content that would normally be available only to students who could attend in person. COSPAR-K will be a real equaliser in space science and discovery,” Dr Sleap said. Professor Boyce emphasised the importance of these conferences to pitch a future in STEM to the next generation of STEM leaders and researchers. “With the world’s leading space researchers and industries coming to Australia in January 2021, a once-in-a-generation opportunity exists to spark the next talent pool of STEM graduates,” he said. “We are making a deliberate effort to reach out to and motivate young people to pursue STEM careers that will contribute to Australia's advanced manufacturing economy. We see this as one of the lasting legacies of COSPAR 2021. “I’m therefore inviting teachers, students and the public to engage in a conversation about space to drive innovation for generational change. We want you to be part of building Australia’s future prosperity. Come and join us at COSPAR-K,” Professor Boyce said. The COSPAR and SISP teams have enjoyed collaborating and planning for this exciting space science adventure for Australian students. Both Professor Boyce and Dr Sleap are looking forward to sharing further information on the activities and opportunities as they are confirmed.




iRoc 2021 - International Rover Challenge for Schools


12-13 August


All day

Sydney International Convention Centre

Announcing the International Rover Challenge for students (iRoC) features Australian and International high school students building, operating and competing for their semi-autonomous rovers in a simulated Martian environment, accomplishing navigation, and construction tasks while assisted and mentored by universities, industry and government partners. The rovers will conduct In-situ semi-autonomous tasks and interact with the environment using a robotic arm. In addition to the physical challenge, students presented their rover designs to industry professionals, academia and International Rover Challenge judges. The International Rover Challenge for students (iRoC) will be delivered in conjunction with COSPAR-K a free Space STEM event. Registrations will open soon. The resources shared in this article are for your interest only. Inclusion of resources or links to external websites does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of any resources, their providers or any material on those websites.






15 August


6:00-9:00 PM

Departs from Eastern Pontoon, Circular Quay

Catering: Canapes and drink provided Early Bird: $130 Member/$150 Non-member (until Wednesday 21 July) Cost: $140 Member/$160 Non-member Capacity: 64 Tribal Warrior and the Science Teachers Association NSW will be bringing you an Aboriginal Astronomy lesson cruising on Sydney Harbour as part of 7 Decades in 7 Days, a week-long celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Science Teachers Association for NSW in and around National Science Week. First Nations People have a long history with the land, waters and skies of this continent that stretches over 60,000 plus years. They observed and mapped the sun, the moon and stars to inform navigation, calendars and predict weather patterns long before European settlement on these shores. The knowledge handed down from generation to generation through song, dance and oral tradition has kept alive the lessons learnt from ancestral elders. Join us for an Aboriginal Astronomy lesson onboard a 3 hour Tribal Warrior Harbour Cruise as we are offered a glimpse into the knowledge held by the oldest astronomers in this world. The resources shared in this article are for your interest only. Inclusion of resources or links to external websites does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of any resources, their providers or any material on those websites.






18 August


12:30-1:30 PM


Date: Wednesday 18 August Time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm Venue: Online via Zoom Capacity: 250 Cost: Free The Garvan Institute and the Science Teachers Association NSW have teamed up to present to you 'Celebrating strong women in science' as part of 7 Decades in 7 Days, a week-long celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Science Teachers Association for NSW. Behind each scientist, there has been a teacher who supported them to reach higher and remains curious about the world in which we live. Science teachers harbor a drive of innovation and progress, where students are inspired to create a better world through science every day. We hope you can join us to celebrate all of the strong and inspirational women through history and present, who have dedicated their lives to medical research. Together, we can recognise some of our great women trailblazers and reflect on how we support the development and growth of our next generation of pioneering thinkers. Speakers Sarah Alexandrou Sarah is a Phd student in the Replication and Genome Stability Lab at Garvan. She is studying how cellular abnormalities could contribute to the development of therapeutic resistant in breast cancer. Sarah's work has won many awards at Garvan and she is passionate about the need to identify and develop novel therapeutic strategies to improve patient outcomes. Susan Clark Professor Susan Clark FAA is Leader of the Genomics and Epigenetics Research Theme and Head of the Epigenetics Research Lab at Garvan. Professor Clark is a worldwide pioneer of epigenetics - the study of the additional layer of instructions on DNA that organises and regulates gene activity. Her search has helped revolutionise the field through new technologies that profile DNA changes in early development and cancer, and has laid the groundwork for using epigenetics to detect and monitor cancer progression. Elissa Deenick Associate Professor Elissa Deenick is Head of the Lymphocyte Signalling and Activation Laboratory at Garvan. Her research is focused on lymphocyte activation and differentiation, and how this is controlled to ensure protection against infection while avoiding harmful immune responses like allergy and autoimmunity. The resources shared in this article are for your interest only. Inclusion of resources or links to external websites does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of any resources, their providers or any material on those websites.