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Dr Jordan Nguyen: Adapting to Rapid Change Between STEM & Humanity

Dr Jordan Nguyen


Futurist, biomedical engineer, humanitarian, award-winning documentary maker, storyteller, tech entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, disability advocate… Dr Jordan Nguyen wears many hats as part of his mission to create technological solutions for some of humanity’s greatest challenges. That’s why we are so excited to have him present an exclusive talk at STEM 2020 On Demand.

Dr Jordan’s mission is to improve the lives of as many people as possible and to be a driving force behind positive human and technological interaction. As part of his mission, he founded and serves as the CEO for Psykinetic, a social business aimed at creating futuristic, inclusive and empowering technologies to improve independence and quality of life for people with disabilities, and beyond. From eye-controlled keyboards to a purpose-built car you can drive with your eyes to smart wheelchairs… Dr Jordan continues to innovate and create a more inclusive society for all.

In 2017, he was a finalist for the NSW Australian of the Year. He made the list of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers by Create Magazine 2016, was named in Onalytica’s Top 100 Global Influencers on Virtual Reality in both 2016 and 2017, travelled on tour with Think Inc and Steve Wozniak in 2016, won the Australian Computer Society’s (ACS) ‘ICT Professional of the Year’ Digital Disruptors Award in 2017, and had the honour of being MC in 2018 for An Evening With President Barack Obama on his recent visit to Sydney.

His amazing work has led him to be recognised widely in the media, he’s been featured in a range of TV, radio, magazine and newspaper interviews, most notably ABC’s Catalyst and Channel TEN’s The Project.

Aside from his success in biomedical engineering, Dr Jordan is also a very talented documentary filmmaker and inspirational speaker. In 2016 he collaborated with the Australian based production company, The Feds, and the ABC Catalyst to create and present his first TV documentary Becoming Superhuman, which went on to win many prestigious awards both locally and internationally. 


He has also keynoted at prestigious events such as Think Inc. and Wired for Wonder, among many others. As a speaker Jordan has the ability to translate highly technical concepts and future trends into clear and concise content, helping to inspire technological change in organisations and the next generation of STEM innovators.

Don’t miss his talk ‘Adapting to Rapid Change Between STEM & Humanity’ available exclusively to those that register for STEM 2020 On Demand.