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STEM 2022 Conference

Monday 18th July 2022  |  Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley

An initiative of Maitland Grossmann High School and supported by the NSW Department of Education’s SISP program, STEM 2022 brings together leading experts on STEM education, innovation and creativity. 

The STEM 2022 live, in-person conference will be held on Monday 18th July 2022 at the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley. In addition, STEM 2022 On Demand, an online and on demand event will provide delegates with engaging and insightful STEM and education content as a companion to this in-person event.

STEM 2022 will feature inspirational keynote addresses from the likes of Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Nathan Towney, Pro Vice-Chancellor - Indigenous Strategy and Leadership at the University of Newcastle. Numerous deep dive breakout sessions will be delivered by renowned STEM and education experts and there will be plenty of opportunities for professional networking.

Who should attend STEM 2022?

STEM 2022 is for educators, students, professionals and STEM enthusiasts alike. 92% of previous delegates would recommend the event to their colleagues and 80% of delegates have indicated that STEM 2021 On Demand has assisted them to increase the amount of STEM instruction in their school or classroom.

The speakers will offer engaging content for educators at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. For school principals, executive staff and teachers, STEM 2022 offers an excellent opportunity for whole school professional development.


The below speakers are already lined up and we continue to confirm additional speakers. 



Comedian and radio personality Adam Spencer’s passion for Mathematics runs deep and he is known as Australia’s funniest and most famous mathematician. For close to 20 years he has been entertaining us on triple j, ABC radio and television.


DR KARL KRUSZELNICKI, Julius Sumner Miller Fellow, School of Physics, University of Sydney

Australia’s favourite scientist, Dr Karl has qualifications in science, maths, engineering, medicine and surgery. He is the author of over 40 books as well as a popular broadcaster and media personality. He is known for his unique ability to make science relatable and engaging and is a passionate advocate for science and STEM education.

NATHAN TOWNEY, Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Strategy and Leadership - The University of Newcastle

A Wiradjuri man, Nathan’s appointment at The University of Newcastle follows 20 years with the NSW Department of Education managing the Aboriginal Education team and as the Principal of Newcastle High School. As a STEM 2022 Keynote Speaker, Nathan will explore the concept of Aboriginal Education from a historical and personal perspective and share practical strategies to strengthen understanding on Aboriginal Education.

Deep Dive Sessions

Topic 1: How to create design thinking experiences that empower students to be creators of solutions (Primary)

HEATHER LAVERICK, STEM Advisor K-6 - Curriculum Early Years and Primary Learners, Department of Education

Co-presenting with Taronga Zoo, industry partners, community organisations and teachers, Heather from the Curriculum Early Years and Primary Learners team will explore worked examples of how to

1) embed design thinking into learning sequences and empower learners to be creators of solutions,

2) contextualise learning by creating authentic inquiry/project-based learning sequences, and

3) link learning with community and industry partners.

Topic 2: Antarctica up close - Curiosity and engagement (Primary and Secondary)

DAVID DIECKFOSS, Education Officer - Mawson's Huts Foundation Ltd. 

In this Deep Dive worshop, David Dieckfoss from the Mawson's Huts Foundation will welcome you on the Antarctic Environmental Science and Sustainability Bus where he will equip you with strategies on using science to jumpstart student engagement and enquiry skills in the environmental sciences.

Topic 3: Switch Thinking - How to develop an Amazing Mind (Secondary and Primary)

DR KEN HUDSON, Founder - The Original Thinking Company

In this thought-provoking workshop Dr Ken Hudson will explore the concept of an ultimate future capability being to develop an Amazing Mind. Now there is a way to do this - it's called Switch Thinking. In this fast, interactive and energising session you will learn a number of tools to help you and your students to create, solve, imagine in new and different ways.

Topic 4: Where? The Mathematics in Surveying

DANIEL PROCTOR, Mathematics Advisor 7-12 - NSW Department of Education

During this Deep Dive session, participants will interact with pick-up-and-use learning activities that highlight Stage 5 Mathematics in Surveying. The skills developed in this deep dive will empower teachers to support students in becoming mini-surveyors with the skills to accurately scope building plans.

Topic 5: The numbers behind the science: authentic data analysis in scientific investigations

DR SHAM NAIR, Science Advisor 7-12 - NSW Department of Education

In this Deep Dive workshop,  the Mathematics Curriculum Secondary Learners team will introduce teachers to strategies that they can use in science classes to collect and analyse authentic data. These strategies will help to deepen students' skills for Working Scientifically while enhancing their mathematical reasoning abilities.

Topic 6: Building Mechatronic and Automated Systems

PETER DAVIS, A/TAS Curriculum Adviser - Curriculum Secondary Learners, NSW Department of Education

In this interesting deep dive workshop, the TAS Curriculum Secondary Learners team will explore how building an inexpensive computer-controlled hardware system that uses sensors and actuators can effect change within the system’s environment.

Topic 7: STEM Programming Masterclass (Secondary)

ANDREW O'BRIEN, STEM Advisor 7-12 - NSW Department of Education

MATTHEW SCOTT, STEM Coordinator - NSW Department of Education

In this deep dive workshop, participants will be guided through a process for identifying authentic STEM opportunities and selecting a STEM project idea based in their local context. Explore a method for identification and mapping of secondary cross-KLA syllabus outcomes and content and will produce course documentation.

Topic 8: What you need to know right now about making education and industry partnership work (Secondary and Primary)

Introduction by Dr Scott Sleap, STEM Project Advisor 7-12, NSW Department of Education

Duncan Burck, Managing Director, MCB Partners

To get you in the best position to successfully engage and connect your school with your local businesses and industries, in this session, STEM Education leader Dr Scott Sleap and Next Gen & Educator Advocate Duncan Burck will equip you with the must-haves for engaging with local businesses and industry.

Topic 9: Leadership in the face of disruption (Secondary and Primary)

Professor Russell Boyce, Director, UNSW Canberra Space

Darryl Krook, Director, CPEM Pty Ltd

Every sector and industry faces a complex, uncertain future - one in which disruption is inevitable and increasingly frequent. This poses enormous challenges along with exciting opportunities for leaders. This deep dive session is presented by one of Australia’s foremost leaders in Space Professor Russell Boyce and leadership expert Darryl Krook. They will explore challenges and opportunities, and provide practical insight into the art of strategic yet personal leadership in an increasingly complex world.

Topic 10: Building a strong foundation of skills in Science and Technology K-6 (Primary)

ROD CHEAL, Science and Technology Curriculum Support Project Advisor, Department of Education

Does your Science and Technology K-6 program support students to develop curiosity, wonder and interest in the world? By placing Working Scientifically and Design and Production skills at the core of teaching and learning, you will be able to successfully guide students through Science and technology. Join with us on a deep dive, as we explore the skill processes, discuss explicit teaching strategies and identify a range of assessment strategies to enhance teaching programs.

Event Details


In-person event: Monday 18th July 2022

On Demand platform: Monday 18th July - 31 December 2022


Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley

430 Wine Country Dr, 

Lovedale NSW 2325

(02) 4991 0000


  • Standard registration: $350 per person
  • NSW Department of Education staff: $175 per person
  • Group bookings (5 or more) $25 discount per person




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