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Felicity Furey: Engagement in STEM: Making it happen

Felicity Furey


Felicity Furey has experienced first-hand the imbalance of gender in learning. During her early years at University undertaking an engineering degree, she was one of only ten percent of the course made up of females. The chasm astounded her at the time, yet rather than accept this, or feel defeated like others may have, Felicity embarked on a journey of empowerment for her fellow female students that has grown into an inspiring program for younger girls in STEM. At STEM 2020 On Demand Felicity will be filling us in on her plan for how she plans to make this happen.

Her Power of Engineering program was established in 2012 with the aim to “bring together universities, the engineering industry, and schools to provide practical and creative experiences for young people to better understand engineering and how it impacts our world.”

The program focuses on young people, and particularly girls to consider a future in engineering by promoting opportunities from early education right through to university. The Power of Engineering makes STEM an inspiration for kids, rather than an overwhelming or divisional practice – diversity and inclusivity are central to the program. Felicity’s ambition is underpinned by the National Committee for Women in Engineering, which has set a target of 30% female participation in engineering vocations.

The Power of Engineering program recently launched its Engineering-in-a-Box resource that is designed to show students how engineers impact society through different disciplines, creative thinking, and participation in real-world problem-solving. By engaging collaborative learning resources developed in partnership with industry, Felicity’s program is in a strong position to contribute to these targets along all the STEM education pathways. A future where any student, male or female, is armed with the right tools to undertake a career in STEM is Felicity’s self-determined marker of success. Felicity spends much of her time championing this future and will provide exceptional insights on the power of industry engagement to deliver real balance in gender equity, increasing participation and diversity that will ultimately benefit the sector.

Don’t miss her video keynote ‘Engagement in STEM: Making it happen’ available exclusively to those that register for STEM 2020 On Demand.