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Grok Cyber Comp is coming to Australian Schools from May 31


Introduce students to cyber security in a free 45-minute online competition

Students will learn:

  • why it is important to protect personal information

  • how to create stronger passwords

  • how to identify scam emails

  • how website and app builders protect from cyber attacks

This is a free competition for students in Years 5-12, open for 2 weeks from 31 May to 13 June.

Find out more about Grok Cyber

During the 2 week competition window, students sign in to the Grok Learning platform and complete a 45-minute interactive challenge.

They will be presented with questions that explore common cyber security issues they may encounter in their digital lives using our own custom built social media networks on fake web browsers and a simulated mobile phone. It all takes place inside the Grok Platform, all you have to do is have them registered.

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Full details about the competition are available at