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Virtual Space Passport session at the 11th Australian Space Forum


The Space Passport sessions provide the perfect opportunity for students and their teachers to learn about current and future careers within the Space sector and see how the industry is inspiring young people to develop the skills to push forward the frontiers of scientific knowledge and all session bookings can be seen here Dr Sarah Baker, Advanced Technology Program Manager Events | Eventbrite (which includes a Tertiary student Session 3 in the afternoon) or at the individual Weblinks below for Secondary Schools only. There are no Primary schools Space Passport sessions for this Space Forum.

The Space Passport sessions encourage students to;

  • Talk directly to companies currently involved with the Australian Space Sector
  • Ask companies about current and future careers within their industry
  • Find out about the school and tertiary pathways needed to enter the discussed careers
  • Have their Space Passport stamped by 4 exhibiting companies after discussing careers and pathways then enter details at the Advanced Technology Program Education Stand to win a prize.

Space Passport sessions for schools are only available from 8:50am - 9.50am (Session 1) or 10:45am - 11:45am (Session 2), for both Government and Catholic/Independent secondary school sectors when Exhibitors will be available for student queries and discussions.

Registrations will open Friday, February 19th and close COB Monday 29th March 2021.

Due to the limited availability of this event and our Space related company exhibitors’ time to maximise the amount of schools that are able to attend, schools are limited to a total of 5 attendees (including students and teachers) with 25 places available in this session.

With Covid-19 number restrictions, all Space Passport Session registrants who do not hold an all-day 10th Space Forum registration will be asked to finalise their passports/survey data and leave the Exhibitors Hall by either 9.50 am (Session 1) or 11.45 am (Session 2).