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For Teachers – 43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly Public Address Dr Adrian Brown



Dr Adrian Brown - Deputy Program Scientist, M2020 Mission, NASA

Tuesday 2 February 12:00pm – 1:10pm AEDT

Launched on the 30 July 2020 the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover is scheduled to land on Mars – 18 February 2021. Perseverance will spend at least one Mars year (about 687 Earth days) searching for signs of ancient microbial life, which will advance NASA’s quest to explore the past habitability of Mars. The rover has a drill to collect core samples of Martian rock and soil, then store them in sealed tubes for pickup by a future mission that would ferry them back to Earth for detailed analysis. Perseverance will also test technologies to help pave the way for future human exploration of Mars.

What is it like to work in space exploration and specifically on the M2020 Mission? How did the Australian Adrian Brown make his way from Melbourne to NASA as the Deputy Program Scientist for the Mars 2020 mission? What is the connection between the rocks of Mars and those of the Pilbara in Western Australia and how can our rocks help in the search for life on another planet? This mission is the first part of an ambitious plan to eventually bring samples from Mars back to Earth.

Here is your opportunity to learn first hand about M2020 from one of the key NASA scientists. Participants even have the opportunity to ask Dr Brown questions .


Mark your calendar for two weeks later, to watch the landing live On Landing Day, 18 February 2021.

Tune in to Watch Live.

The NASA TV broadcast from Mission Control starts at 11:15am PST/2:15pm EST.