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App Inventor in Education Workshop - Part 2

Learn to use Google APP Inventor to create free Android Apps for STEM

projects or cross-curricular projects with an entrepreneurial focus.

App Inventor is a FREE web-based coding platform using the Blockly

language. Competitions, such as Tech Girls are Superheroes, utilise this

platform for project entries and it has countless potential to bring

real-world learning opportunities to the school projects on a variety of

themes. In this two part course you will learn all the steps needed for

successful projects and create your own app to use for demonstration

in the classroom.

The first workshop familiarizes you with the development environment

and gets you started in coding and design of graphics with time to

tweak and improve your concept before beginning the refinement and

deployment process in the second workshop. This series of workshops

is ideal for any educator looking to expand learning programs with app

development and also provides support to educators in the lead up to

the Tech Girls are Superheroes competition.

• Pitching your App

• Troubleshooting

• Critiquing Apps

• Finishing Touches

• Deploying your App