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iSTEM Endorsement

How to Implement iSTEM at Your School

Step 1: Read the iSTEM course document and negotiate with your Principal if you have the resources and structures available for the course to run at your school.

Step 2: Have your Principal email Dr Scott Sleap at the NSW Department of Education, Secondary Education, Learning and Teaching Directorate requesting that your school be added to the list of schools endorsed to run the iSTEM. Email:

Your email will be forwarded to NESA in order for it to be endorsed.

Note: When there are multiple schools asking for endorsement, NESA has requested that we send them as an amalgamated list. This means there is sometimes a slight delay in the endorsement process.

Step 3: NESA will then process the request and send your Principal a notification letter to let you know that iSTEM has been endorsed for your school.

Note: You do not need to request for endorsement each year.

If you have any queries related to the endorsement process, please do not hesitate to contact  Dr Scott Sleap 0409366504.

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