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Careers with STEM: Maths & Data Launch Kit

careers with stem


Want to get young people excited about where maths could take them? 

The latest edition of Careers with STEM is out now and it’s all about careers that use maths and data – from how maths is helping us through the COVID-19 pandemic, to understanding and predicting extreme weather and bushfires. Meet the YouTube trend experts, health data scientists, tradies – and more surprising careers that use maths and data everyday!

The magazine is launched with a special, 8-page Economics edition sponsored by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Take a personality quiz to discover where an economics career could take you and meet real-life economists changing the world! 

These fully embeddable flip-page digital magazines are available online free. Find out below how you can help us spread the word about this great free resource for students, teachers and parents:

  • Download classroom worksheet here
  • Register for our free National Careers Week webinar to learn all about the new edition here
  • High-res shareable cover JPG download here

How to use Careers with STEM magazine

Careers with STEM provides educators, students and parents with news and insights about future jobs, career pathways and inspiring and diverse people who share their career journey. 

1. Share with your school’s careers advisor:

It’s predicted that 75% of the careers of the future will require STEM skills – STEM jobs are growing at a faster rate than non-STEM jobs and people with STEM qualifications face lower rates of unemployment than the rest of the population. Don’t let your students miss out on these opportunities, inform and inspire them about the STEM careers of the future.

2. Take STEM into the classroom via teachers:

There are more ways to incorporate STEM careers into the classroom than you might at first think! We’ve listed 6 suggestions to get you started. They include everything from unpacking STEM jargon as a literacy activity, to exploring how STEM skills can be applied in the arts. You can also download a free supplementary classroom worksheet for this magazine here.

3. Promote on your school/organisation/personal social media, or in your school’s newsletter or app 

Parents are the biggest influencers on students’ careers. Inspire your school community to get involved with STEM and engage with your school’s STEM strategy by sharing our posts, profiles and the free digital edition at

More free Careers with STEM resources: