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  • Date: Wednesday 18 August
  • Time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm
  • Venue: Online via Zoom
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  • Cost: Free

The Garvan Institute and the Science Teachers Association NSW have teamed up to present to you 'Celebrating strong women in science' as part of 7 Decades in 7 Days, a week-long celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Science Teachers Association for NSW. Behind each scientist, there has been a teacher who supported them to reach higher and remains curious about the world in which we live. Science teachers harbor a drive of innovation and progress, where students are inspired to create a better world through science every day. 

We hope you can join us to celebrate all of the strong and inspirational women through history and present, who have dedicated their lives to medical research. Together, we can recognise some of our great women trailblazers and reflect on how we support the development and growth of our next generation of pioneering thinkers.   


Sarah Alexandrou

Sarah is a Phd student in the Replication and Genome Stability Lab at Garvan. She is studying how cellular abnormalities could contribute to the development of therapeutic resistant in breast cancer. Sarah's work has won many awards at Garvan and she is passionate about the need to identify and develop novel therapeutic strategies to improve patient outcomes. 

Susan Clark

Professor Susan Clark FAA is Leader of the Genomics and Epigenetics Research Theme and Head of the Epigenetics Research Lab at Garvan.

Professor Clark is a worldwide pioneer of epigenetics - the study of the additional layer of instructions on DNA that organises and regulates gene activity. Her search has helped revolutionise the field through new technologies that profile DNA changes in early development and cancer, and has laid the groundwork for using epigenetics to detect and monitor cancer progression. 

Elissa Deenick 

Associate Professor Elissa Deenick is Head of the Lymphocyte Signalling and Activation Laboratory at Garvan. Her research is focused on lymphocyte activation and differentiation, and how this is controlled to ensure protection against infection while avoiding harmful immune responses like allergy and autoimmunity. 



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